ICT Audit Services

ict auditingAn audit of your ICT infrastructure and systems can be an essential business requirement. At Smartech Consulting we will help you achieve this in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. At Smartech Consulting we can provide your company with all of its auditing needs, be they a one-off project to inventory and record your ICT systems, implementing a complex management and inventory database at your company’s premises. Our ICT audits need not stop at simple record keeping either – we are able to perform an in-depth analysis of your current ICT systems and back this up with a comprehensive strategy for remedying any shortcomings and reinforcing existing systems.

The role of information technology (IT) control and audit has become a critical mechanism for ensuring the integrity of information systems (IS) and the reporting of organization finances to avoid and hopefully prevent future financial fiascos such as Enron and WorldCom. Global economies are more interdependent than ever and geopolitical risks impact everyone. Electronic infrastructure and commerce are integrated in business processes around the globe. The need to control and audit IT has never been greater.

The breadth and depth of knowledge required to audit IT systems are extensive. For example, IT auditing involves the

  • Application of risk-oriented audit approaches
  • Use of computer-assisted audit tools and techniques
  • Application of standards (national or international) such as ISO 9000/3 and ISO 17799 to improve and implement quality systems in software development and meet security standards
  • Understanding of business roles and expectations in the auditing of systems under development as well as the purchase of software packaging and project management
  • Assessment of information security and privacy issues which can put the organization at risk
  • Examination and verification of the organization’s compliance with any IT-related legal issues that may jeopardize or place the organization at risk
  • Evaluation of complex systems development life cycles (SDLC) or new development techniques; e.g., prototyping, end user computing, rapid systems, or application development
  • Reporting to management and performing a follow-up review to ensure actions taken at work

How our Auditing Services help;

  • Understand your existing setup/system
  • Solve performance problems
  • Reduce IT support issues
  • Security – find loopholes and weaknesses in your infrastructure
  • Get the best from your systems

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